5 Traits of a Reliable Freight Distribution Company

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5 Traits of a Reliable Freight Distribution Company

It’s time to hire a freight distribution company, but you want to make sure they can handle your needs. When you hire anybody to handle something as important as your freight, you need to know you have a reliable partner.

There are plenty of freight distribution companies out there, but they are not all created equal. It’s best to compare a few to ensure you find the right one. Here are a few traits to look for in a reliable freight distribution company.

1. Detail-Oriented

When it comes to moving goods from one location to another, details are important. Miss one small detail and it could throw off the entire operation.

It doesn’t matter if your shipments are large or small, the right freight company will pay close attention to the details. You want to pick a partner that works hard to ensure all the small details are handled and your goods will arrive at their destination safely and on time.

2. Time-Oriented

As you search for the right freight distribution company, consider their ability to deliver on time. Your business needs a partner that values your time and ensures delivery on schedule.

When goods arrive late, you have to deal with upset customers. This could hurt your business and retention rates could fall. Your freight company should have the ability to deliver shipments on time and in the proper condition.

3. Good Customer Service

Of course, any partner you choose to help make your business move in the right direction should offer great customer service. They should go above and beyond to ensure you’re happy as that will trickle down to your customers.

Whether this is the first freight distribution company you will use or you’ve had a poor experience, it’s time to find a company offering excellent customer service. At ArdentX, we have a dedicated staff ready to help you achieve your business goals. Our team will go the extra mile to serve you better.

4. Offer the Services You Need

It’s okay if a company offers plenty of services, but they need to be the services you need for your business. Choosing a freight distribution company includes finding one offering the type of shipping services you need now and will need in the future.

Whether you need full freight management, storage, distribution, cross-docking service, or any other freight service, you want to make sure they offer it.

5. Experience

Why would you want to work with an inexperienced freight company? Finding a company with a proven track record makes more sense as they will be handling one of the most important aspects of your business.

You want to make sure the freight distribution company you choose is experienced at moving goods across the country. Many issues can happen when moving goods and your freight company needs to be able to handle those issues. Make sure they have enough experience to make you comfortable with choosing their services.

These five traits are very important when choosing a freight distribution company. ArdentX is dedicated to providing excellent service and we provide a staff of experts ready to help you with all your freight needs.

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