ArdentX is one of the country’s leading, full-service transportation and logistics companies. Rather than being a transactional organization, our goal is to change the industry standards, deploying our values as our guiding principles, to help engage, connect, and build mutually beneficial relationships.
We are a people driven organization with over 80 dedicated employees whose goal is to deliver exceptional service focused on speed, reliability, and technology. Creating the best workplace experience for employees allows us to provide the best experience for our shippers. Our team is full of experts in transport management, planning, and communication.
Our vision is based on mutual growth, growth within our business while also contributing to the companies that work with us.

The Ardent Way

What makes our team at ArdentX different from other transportation and logistics companies?


We do not put off things until tomorrow if they can be handled today. We deliver immaculate service to the shippers and receivers that work with us. We understand that speed is a necessity and pride ourselves on how fast we get back to our customers. We believe in speed as one of our core concepts.


We understand that what we did yesterday doesn’t define what we will do today. We approach each situation, chapter and opportunity as something completely new with its own set of rules, responsibilities and dynamics. We don’t run on “accomplishments” or what we have done in the past. We operate in the present moment without preconceived notions of success. We back up our ambitions with actions, never letting ego get ahead of the results. We are constantly learning and always willing to do whatever it takes to succeed. We leave entitlement at the door.


We are constantly challenging our team to think outside the box. We set our standards at an unimaginably high level, and we are always aspiring for more.


Our goal is to listen first. We admit mistakes, speak candidly, and treat others the way we would want to be treated.


The main difference between us and other companies is an insane work ethic. We don’t leave the office at 5 pm only to have you call trying to get an update on your shipment and never getting a hold of anyone. We use high-end technology that gives us the ability to update our customers on their shipments in real time. We help our customers save time and costs. We help everyone work more efficiently. We are always on call for you, and you can rest assured knowing that your freight is in our hands.


Once we commit to a decision or agree to something with a customer or carrier, we stick to our decision. We don’t give shipments back to customers due to circumstances surrounding the shipment, and we do not take loads away from carriers because someone quoted us a cheaper price. We will not sacrifice our integrity for a couple percentage points.


We always strive to know why before taking action. We are always thinking logically, and with an intimate understanding of the context surrounding our decisions.


It’s one of the biggest things to which we attribute our success. What a lot of people don’t understand about empathy is that it’s not just about being caring, but it’s also the ability to understand people on a higher level. This concept has allowed us to create so many mutually beneficial relationships. We don’t just look at things from a “freight broker” standpoint, we run our own company trucks, so we have an intimate understanding of what goes on behind the scenes on a carrier level as well as a customer level.