Connor Miller

Cheif Operation Officer

Connor Miller is a 27 year old entrepreneur who puts to use everyday life lessons he’s learned after overcoming his drug addiction. The CO-Founder of ArdentX prides himself on being self-taught in most areas of life. He believes there’s nothing special about him and anyone can accomplish what he has given the proper mindset and work ethic. Connor’s other passion besides business is photography. He is a self-taught photographer working with brands, resorts, and tourism boards all over the world. Connor has wisdom beyond his years and loves sharing his experiences with the world. Connor serves on the Board of Directors at the Dreams Come True Foundation. You can follow Connor on Instagram below to get a better look into his journey!
“In 2018 I had a vision of where we are going and what this company can become, that vision is now literally unfolding right in front of my eyes. I think I had a huge advantage over most entrepreneurs out there because I was an employee before I was an owner. I took everything that I didn’t like about being an employee and changed it once I got into an ownership role. I realized early on in my business career that I didn’t have to be the smartest in the room, I just had kill my ego and be willing to learn or surround myself with the smartest people. This company doesn’t exist without all of the people who helped us build it. My team is always bettering themselves and our company’s process and I owe majority of my success to them.”