Cross Docking

Take It To a New Level

When you need to create a just-in-time shipping process, cross-docking is the service you need. Warehousing is a common practice allowing for the distribution of products in stock, but cross-docking takes things to a new level.

What Is Cross-Docking?

A logistics procedure allowing products from a manufacturer or supplier to be distributed directly to the customer is known as cross-docking. The process allows for very little or no storage time in a warehouse and the process will take place in a distribution docking terminal.
A cross-docking warehouse has the ability to move products from an incoming truck to an outgoing truck to make the shipping process seamless and very fast. This type of service also eliminates the need for long-term storage.

Benefits Of Using Cross-Docking

ArdentX has the ability to provides cross-docking services with plenty of benefits. When you need to move products quickly, we are here to help. Let’s look at a few of the main benefits of cross-docking services.

Saves Time

Not only will you save time on your end, but with cross-docking, you will also get to save time for the end consumer. You’ll save time by skipping a few steps in the shipping process. Your end consumer gets their goods faster because they don’t have to be pulled out of storage in a warehouse.

With the right freight management company, you’ll save even more time as they will be able to take over all your shipping services. Whether you need to use cross-docking often or just on certain products, a good shipping company will help you save time and money with the right services.

Lower Costs

One of the main benefits of cross-docking is the ability to lower your costs. Since you won’t need to use long-term storage for your goods, you won’t need to pay for it. With no need to rent square footage from a warehouse, you can eliminate the cost of storage.
Cross-docking allows you to ship items when they are ordered and eliminate the need for storage. You’ll not only get the goods to the end consumer as fast as possible but also save money during the process.

Less Product Risk

It might seem like there’s a bit more risk to your products due to the increased shipping speed. However, this isn’t the case. You actually will put your products at a lower risk due to the faster shipping process.
When humans are involved, the risk always goes up. Cross-docking helps to cut out two or more steps involved in the normal shipping process, which could lead to errors and damage to your products.

You won’t need to worry about moving products into and out of storage with cross-docking. Since the products go from one truck to another, they are at a lower risk with fewer hands needing to touch them.

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