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At ArdentX, we provide more than just freight and shipping service in Jacksonville, where we are located. Our team works all across the country to help businesses move products from point A to point B.

We offer full logistics services in Memphis and throughout the middle of the country. As the industry evolves, we keep up with the latest shipping and logistics technology to serve you better.
Whether you need to move one load of goods or you need us to take over your entire logistics operation, we’re ready to help you. With a team of 40 dedicated employees, you get the small business service you desire with the incredible support and reliability you need.

where is memphis located?

A central location with Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, and Tennessee nearby, Memphis is a central hub for the shipping industry. It’s found between Dallas and Atlanta, two other major hubs within the shipping industry.
From Memphis, it’s easy to serve many nearby states, such as:
  • Arkansas
  • Mississippi
  • Missouri
  • Alabama
  • Kansas
  • Iowa
  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • And More!
Working within the most important shipping hubs in the United States, such as Memphis, allows us to better serve you. Our team will help you serve your customers in these states and more by running your logistics operation through Memphis.

memphis transportation & logistics services

At ArdentX, we offer complete transportation and logistics services. Whether you need to hold products in storage before shipping them or you need to get them to the end user fast, we’re here to help.

freight management

You need more than just a simple shipping option. Our team offers more than just shipping with complete freight management. When you choose to work with ArdentX, you get an affordable price and on-time shipping every single time. We work hard to keep your business running smoothly.
Our freight management services allow you to turn your entire logistics and shipping needs over to us. We will manage everything so you can get back to work growing your business. We serve thousands of clients throughout North American and make it easy for you to get the freight management services you need in Memphis.


One of the most important services to ensure you don’t have interruptions to your supply chain is warehousing. With good warehousing, you can better serve your clients by offering faster shipping on the goods they need.
We provide warehousing in Memphis to help you ship faster to the surrounding area. When you need to deliver products to major box stores, small retailers, or even to the individual consumer, we’re here to help. Our team will use warehousing strategically to allow for faster delivery and better service.

intermodal trucking

When it’s time to move goods by truck and by rail, we offer intermodal trucking services to make this possible. Our team will ensure your goods are shipped in the most efficient way possible. At ArdentX, we provide intermodal trucking to give you an eco-friendlier way to ship your goods.
This type of service also allows you to offer more value to your supply chain. You’ll be able to easily reach your transit goals and our technology makes it much easier.
Intermodal transportation services provide an affordable option for your freight shipping. When you need rail and truck shipping, we’re here to help move your goods quickly to the final destination.
Partnering with ArdentX means you get the shipping options available today. Our team will help you choose the best freight shipping options to ensure you can move your goods fast. We may be based in Jacksonville, but we serve the entire country, including Memphis, Tennessee.

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