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When you need to move freight across the country, you need a company working in major shipping hubs. Our team provides freight shipping throughout the United States and we serve the Savannah, Georgia area to make shipping to the southeast simple.

With more than 40 dedicated employees ready to help you, ArdentX is the right choice for your freight shipping needs. We offer a range of services for customers moving electronics, food, paper, machinery, or anything else. Whether you’re shipping to retailers or to end consumers, we’re ready to help.
At ArdentX, we provide personal service with the support and reliability you desire. Our team works hard to make your job easier.

where is savannah, ga?

The location of Savannah is found directly on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. It’s found in Georgia close to the state line between Georgia and South Carolina.
Savannah offers a port and it’s one of the major shipping hubs on the coast. From Savannah, it’s easy to ship goods to many states including:
  • Georgia
  • Florida
  • South Carolina
  • North Carolina
  • Virginia
  • Alabama
  • Tennessee
  • And More!
It’s connected to other areas in the south by Interstate 95 and Interstate 16. With the ability to receive goods into the port and move them across the country, Savannah offers a necessary hub for your logistics operation.

savannah transportation & logistics services

We provide transportation and logistics services to many clients throughout the country. Our team works hard to offer the best freight services for all your needs.

freight management

Our main logistic service is freight management. When you want a professional to take over your entire logistics operation, you want freight management. We will ensure all your shipping needs are met, no matter how often you need shipments moved.
At ArdentX, we serve clients all across North America. Whether you need to move one load of goods across the country or several small loads, we’re here to help.
Our freight management services include:
  • Carrier and vendor management
  • Data collection
  • Route optimization
  • Auditing and accounting
  • Integrations

When you choose to work with us, you can concentrate on the rest of your business. We will take care of moving your goods from one location to another on schedule.


When you need to sell and deliver your products fast to be successful, warehousing becomes an important part of your supply chain. Having goods warehoused in Savannah allows you to quickly move them to clients throughout the southeastern part of the country.
With the right warehousing services, you can move goods faster and offer better service to your clients. Our team will help ensure you have a place to store your goods until it’s time to ship them to the end consumer.

cross docking

When it’s time to create a just-in-time shipping process, you will likely need to use cross-docking. At ArdentX, we offer cross-docking services for those looking to move goods quickly and avoid storing them in a warehouse.
You can move goods from the manufacture or supplier to the customer directly with cross-docking. It’s not necessary to store the goods as they can be moved from one truck to another quickly and easily.
Choosing to work with ArdentX gives you a partner capable of shipping your goods anywhere in the country. We might be based out of Jacksonville, Florida, but we serve the entire Savannah area and the rest of the country.

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