How a Trusted Carrier Keeps your Freight Secure

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How a Trusted Carrier Keeps your Freight Secure

Cargo theft is a huge issue for carriers and shippers. According to Avalon Risk Management, over 90 million dollars of cargo was stolen in 2014. This number rose to $145 million in 2017, according to AJOT. The good news is cargo theft is starting to go down.

In fact, cargo theft was down about 19% from 2017 to 2018, according to CCJ Digital. Even with the drop in theft of cargo, experts warn shippers and carriers that cargo thieves are still present and looking to target shipments.

Choosing the right carrier goes a long way toward preventing cargo theft. The right carrier will have excellent security in place to ensure your shipment gets to its’ final destination.

Most commonly, cargo theft happens as warehouse locations and within fenced yards. With the right security in place, cargo theft can certainly be prevented. Let’s look at a few of the main ways a trusted carrier will keep your freight secure.


One of the main ways a trusted carrier can protect your freight is by using the latest technology. Enhanced security systems using the latest and best technology provide the first layer of protection for your freight.

Security systems should be in place at all warehouses and fenced yards. When carriers only stop at secure service centers and warehouses with a high level of security, you can rest easy knowing your freight is safe.


While it may seem like common sense, it’s common for some trucks to travel without locking the door or with easy to infiltrate locks. A trusted freight carrier will keep your freight secure by using the best possible locks and making sure your freight is never left alone for more than just a few minutes while fueling or taking a driver break.

All freight should remain locked up unless it’s being unloaded or loaded at a secure service center.

GPS Tracking

Another way your trusted carrier can ensure your freight remains safe is through GPS tracking. With the right electronic logging devices or ELDs, each shipment can be properly tracked in real-time. This tracking information should be provided to you 24/7, in real-time.

In addition to these three measures, the best carriers will also use electronic mobile dispatch to ensure service centers know when shipments should arrive. When a shipment is running late, dispatch should be contacted and the driver’s location should be investigated.

Warehouse Security

Along with ensuring your freight is secure when in transit, your carrier needs to ensure the facility storing your freight is also secure. The following all play a role in keeping your goods safe:

  • Fencing/Gating – Electric fencing is best, but the fencing/gating should be tall and cover the entire perimeter.
  • Alarm Systems – A sophisticated alarm system with motion sensors and cameras is ideal.
  • Lighting – Proper lighting at the main gate and around the facility goes a long way to deter crime.
  • Trailer Restrictions – All trailers should remain locked until they are parked in a matter preventing entry.
  • Security Cages – When a locked trailer isn’t used to store your goods, a security cage should be used.

Before choosing the best carrier for your freight, you want to check the security. Make sure you’re choosing a trusted carrier, like ArdentX, to ensure your shipment gets to its final destination without issue.

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