Improving Efficiency

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    When it’s common for you to ship your freight with less-than-truckload quantities, freight consolidation is an option you can use to improve efficiency. By working with the right third-party logistics provider, you’ll gain access to freight consolidation and other shipping services.

    What is Freight Consolidation?

    Freight consolidation comes into play when a manufacturer or supplier has shipping volumes of less than a full truckload. Instead of delaying shipments until a full truckload can be sent, LTL services and freight consolidation allow for faster shipping of products.

    For example, if you’re an auto parts store, you might need to ship windshield wipers, lug nuts, and car cleaning products on the same pallet. This can be done with freight consolidation to help save time and money on shipping costs.

    Moving Freight from the Warehouse to the Customer

    In many instances, you might have multiple products stored in the same warehouse. It’s probably not uncommon for some of those products to travel to the same place. When this is the case, freight consolidation can be used to fill more of the truck and provide lower shipping rates.

    Instead of shipping the products in the same warehouse separately, they can be shipped together. If you need to send multiple LTL shipments to the same distribution center, freight consolidation can help you save money, too. You can send them all on the same truck instead of sending those shipments on separate trucks.

    A Core Service Saving You Time & Money

    Freight consolidation is a service offered by ArdentX. We give you the ability to choose the best shipping options for your timeline and your budget.

    When you choose freight consolidation, you’ll have the ability to ship goods from a warehouse or your dock for a lower cost and faster. Since you won’t need to wait until you have a full truckload, you can send products immediately.

    Splitting the costs of a load among multiple shipments allows you to reduce your spending and deliver products faster. Even with smaller shipments, a pool distribution facility can be used to deliver your products to the final destination.

    One of the biggest areas where suppliers and manufacturers can save money with freight consolidation is with last-mile freight costs. The ability to shift from LTL to full TL shipments provides a significant cost-saving benefit.

    Gain Expertise & Freight Consolidation Benefits with ArdentX

    When you choose ArdentX for your shipping needs, you’ll have a team of shippers and carriers capable of providing optimal service. We use freight consolidation daily to help our customers save money on shipping costs.

    Along with the money-saving benefits, freight consolidation with us means your products will be touched less often and delivered quicker. Instead of sending one product at a time, you can send all the products your customer needs on the same truck.

    Freight consolidation also offers a sustainable shipping option putting fewer trucks on the roads. You’ll be able to watch your order through the entire process with real-time visibility, as well.

    If you’re ready to start shipping products across the United States, we’re ready to help. Call us today and find out how freight consolidation and our other shipping and freight management services can benefit your business.

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