More Than Just Shipping

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    Your company needs more than just a shipping option. You need management to ensure your goods get to their destination on time and at an affordable price. When you’re looking to move goods regularly, you need a trusted freight company like ArdentX.

    Our team works hard to make your business run smoothly. Take shipping off your to-do list by trusting us with your transportation needs. We look forward to helping make your business run smoothly at ArdentX.

    Complete Freight Management Services

    Our ability to take over your logistics and shipping needs means we offer complete transportation and management services. No matter what you need to move, we’ve got you covered. At ArdentX, we serve thousands of clients throughout North America.

    Working with us means you’ll have a trained and experienced team to help with all your needs. Whether you need to predict market fluctuations better or you need real-time tracking, our team is ready to assist you today.

    What’s Included?

    When you hire ArdentX to handle your freight management needs, you’ll have a partner. Our services include:

    • Route Optimization – We ensure the fastest route is used for the transportation of your goods.
    • Auditing and Accounting – We track all the numbers to help improve the freight forwarding process for you.
    • Data Collection – We collect data on the routes and processes used to provide insight and a more effective operation.
    • Integrations – Our freight management integrates with a transportation management system to streamline freight forwarding.
    • Carrier and Vendor Management – We work hard to maintain great relationships with carriers and vendors to support your supply and transport chain.

    Our freight management services provide everything you need to move goods from one location to another with ease.

    Top Freight Management Service in the Industry

    When you partner with ArdentX for your freight management needs, you get a dedicated team of skilled and experienced workers.

    Whether you need to move several larger loads of cargo or smaller loads, we’ve got you covered. Our team will provide the very best service possible and work hard to make you our next very satisfied client.

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