Moving Goods With Multiple Modes of Transportation

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    When you need intermodal trucking to move goods from one location to another, our team is ready to help. We offer full freight shipping services to ensure you get the right options, at the right price.

    At ArdentX, we offer complete intermodal trucking services. When you need to move goods by truck and rail, we’re ready to help.

    Using Intermodal Trucking for Better Shipping

    We provide the best of trucking assets and rail shipping options to give you a better shipping experience. When you choose intermodal trucking from ArdentX, you get a more eco-friendly option with a reduced carbon footprint.

    Intermodal trucking also provides more value to your supply chain and makes it easier to reach your transit goals. Working with us means you gain access to established technology and processes to ensure you get the best shipping solution for your business.

    Affordable & Efficient Freight Solutions

    Our intermodal transportation services make it easy to get the most efficient and affordable freight shipping solution on the market today. Rail plus truck service gives you a lower price with eco-friendly benefits.

    ArdentX works hard to remain up-to-date on the best transportation options available. Intermodal trucking provides an excellent freight shipping option, even when fuel prices go up or there’s a shortage of truck drivers.

    Features of Intermodal Trucking

    Choosing to ship with ArdentX means you’ll be backed by an experienced and highly-skilled logistics team. We work hard to help your business run smoothly. With intermodal trucking, you’ll get:

    • A large network of North American hubs
    • Real-time tracking for both truck and rail transportation
    • Access to our impressive fleet
    • 24/7/365 support and customer service
    • On-time delivery

    We provide the best shipping options for your specific needs.

    A Complete Transportation Solution

    ArdentX offers the right services with upfront pricing for your shipping needs. Whether you need to move large loads or you need last-mile services, we’re ready to help.

    With our network carriers and our assets, we make intermodal trucking easy and fast. Our team will work with you to ensure you choose the best shipping option for your specific needs.

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