Complete TransPack Solutions

ArdentX has been a huge part of our success. Between last-minute loads at a fair market price and extremely competitive contract rates, coupled with excellent service and communication, ArdentX has been an excellent primary carrier. And their ability to move products to our customer never fails. Thanks to their entire sales and operations crew.

Hunter Arnold

Working with ArdentX has been a breeze they give good rates for the work involved. They are very respectful and have in intimate understanding when it comes to being late or missing a pickup or delivery appointment due to circumstances out of your control. If you are looking for a new company to work with, I would strongly encourage you to work with the team at ArdentX!

Denis Rekic

It has been an outstanding year working with the ArdentX team. Communication and deliverance have been none less than superb. When both parties are on top of their game it makes the job very easy and this is the kind of business that ALL companies should live by.

Jo Anne Escamilla

It has been a pleasure working with the ArdentX team. Great communication and customer service and the rates are fair.

Karla Benjamin

This is notifying ALL that throughout the 11 years that I’ve been in the TRANSPORTATION BUSINESS there are very few brokers that have left me with a GOOD Impression and because of that, they stand out in any crowd. ArdentX is definitely one of them.

I’ve booked a multitude of load(s) with this Broker due to their professionalism and the ease of being able to communicate with ArdentX, whether it be verbally or via email. I’d also like to say that this all came into fruition after I booked my first Florida load with CONNOR MILLER! He is truly an asset and always displays such a positive attitude; which is definitely a rarity. He has also passed on his professional attitude to his team! ALWAYS a PLEASURE! Kudos to Connor Miller and the ArdentX TEAM!

Brandi Dilley

It has been a pleasure working with ArdentX. They are very polite and helpful. The team is always keeping me in the loop on what freight he has available and knows where I have trucks often to help me out. Knowing a carriers most populated area is a huge help in making sure I get my trucks moved seamlessly. The ArdentX team is always on top of their game, and I would recommend any carrier to work with them.

Edward Chesnut

ENS2 trans has worked with ArdentX for several years now. The Team at ArdentX has always been just a phone call away to help with any issues that may occur, with fast and courteous response times. I would highly recommend working with them to any carriers. Working with the ArdentX team has been a great experience for our company and we are looking forward to continuing working with them for years to come.

Robert Garcia

For the past year Vito LLC and ArdentX have been doing amazing work together. We have been doing loads that are easy to load and unload, to top it off they are super lightweight! Looking forward to keeping up the great business for the busy 2019 year!

Jay Grahovic

ArdentX is the best agent/broker to work with. The Team at ArdentX is nothing less than stellar. Professional, accurate and respectful!

Anel Ramic

I would like to thank ArdentX for always being there for AM Transport Group Inc. We are a small family owned trucking business and we were lucky to start working with ArdentX. From day one they have been nothing less than great. I was lucky to get in contact with Mr. Connor Miller shortly after we set up to run freight, and he always made sure that we were happy with all the loads we ever booked with them. Over the last few years we have built a very good, trustworthy relationship, and I can honestly say that Mr. Connor and his team at ArdentX are one of the best brokers I have ever worked with. We as a company can always turn to them to provide us with great shipments at a competitive price in this crazy trucking industry. Thank you on behalf of me and AM Transport Group Inc.