Eager To Serve. Eager To Deliver.

ArdentX is a small business with big values. Big values with great technology, support, reliability, communication make for ideal transportation and logistics services to provide the very best in the industry for our customers.

The main difference between us and other companies: insane work ethic. 

We go the extra mile and do what it takes to get things done for our customers.

A manufacturer of consumer goods

-Communication is exceptional

-Service issues are few to none

-Pricing is reasonable and competitive

Complete Transpack Solutions

ArdentX has been a huge part of our success. Between last-minute loads at a fair market price and extremely competitive contract rates, coupled with excellent service and communication, ArdentX has been an excellent primary carrier. And their ability to move products to our customer never fails. Thanks to their entire sales and operations crew.

Food supplements producer

We have been working with ArdentX since early 2018, and when we are in a bind and needing a truck, they are always able to consistently provide great options within a matter of minutes. Many of our deliveries were going to be delivered late until we contacted ArdentX to get it there on time. Working with ArdentX has been a great experience. They are always quick to answer the phone and deliver the results we need, and their ability to quickly provide freight solutions is what sets them apart. Every interaction with ArdentX has been exceptional, I don’t recall a time that we had an issue that they weren’t able to quickly and effectively provide solutions to.

Rockway Exhibits

Rockway Exhibits + Events has partnered with ArdentX for several years.  In our industry, we have specific drop off and pick up times, and if these times are missed it results in very high charges.  ArdentX addressed this by taking time to talk to us and understand our business.  The high level of customer service and genuine interest in our shipments by ArdentX gives us peace of mind that our freight will arrive on time with no damages. 


We feel that ArdentX almost cares more about our freight than we do!

Global beverage brand

At ArdentX service is big. You can tell from the moment you begin working with them. They are really able to manage both big and small company transportation while delivering the same level of service to each.

Global snack food producer

ArdentX has great people working for them. They go far above to help us move our freight quickly. I can always rely on them when I am in a pinch. Great service! 

Global beverage brand

ArdentX thinks FOR us. They listen to what we need so we can do the best at our job. Skip right along with us. Listen well and produce results every time.

Harjit Pooni

Exceptional brokerage to do business with and top of the line customer services provided by the team. My go too guy for everything has been Greg Chambers and this man has done a phenomenal job in staying in touch with me to ensure we are moving freight on a timely basis, with great communication and service. Always look forward to working with these guys on future loads.

Aardwolf Transport


Noah and the team were great to work with, load was as they described, very responsive, line haul better than average. We’ll haul for them anytime!

John Steffel


Greg Chambers is a great guy to work with. His rates are fair and the freight is good. I’ve never gotten a bad freight from him or anyone at ArdentX. I highly recommend getting signed on w/ him.

Apparel And Luxury Goods Retailer

ArdentX is very dependable, reliable, and extremely valuable to our company.

We feel that ArdentX almost cares more about our freight than we do!

James Sanchez


We have been working with Caden Blackney since the beginning of this year and we haven nothing but great experiences with him! As a trucking company based out of Colorado and we are writing this review because he has been one of the best brokers we have been in contact with and ALWAYS comes through for us! Thank you Caden, we appreciate you so much and you are one of the reasons our company has thrived! We will continue to do business with ArdentX because of Caden. You rock man! Sending positive vibes from myself and Erika.

Atinder Kahlon


I haven’t booked single load from any load board when I have started working with this guy Tommy . Now more then 8 months . He’s always on top on his loads and load price. No false commitment nor Switching around. He is broker by profession but he works with me as brother from day one. My trucks are booked for upcoming 2 weeks with best market price.

Stephen Lacroix

ArdentX is by far the most responsive and honest transportation company I have ever dealt with. And I’ve worked with and dealt with quite a few. Rates are competitive and service is exactly what is communicated. This is a great company.

Hunter Arnold


Working with ArdentX has been a breeze they give good rates for the work involved. They are very respectful and have in intimate understanding when it comes to being late or missing a pickup or delivery appointment due to circumstances out of your control. If you are looking for a new company to work with, I would strongly encourage you to work with the team at ArdentX!

Denis Rekic


It has been an outstanding year working with the ArdentX team. Communication and deliverance have been none less than superb. When both parties are on top of their game it makes the job very easy and this is the kind of business that ALL companies should live by.

Jo Anne Escamilla


It has been a pleasure working with the ArdentX team. Great communication and customer service and the rates are fair.

Edward Chesnut


ENS2 trans has worked with ArdentX for several years now. The Team at ArdentX has always been just a phone call away to help with any issues that may occur, with fast and courteous response times. I would highly recommend working with them to any carriers. Working with the ArdentX team has been a great experience for our company and we are looking forward to continuing working with them for years to come.

Robert Garcia


For the past year Vito LLC and ArdentX have been doing amazing work together. We have been doing loads that are easy to load and unload, to top it off they are super lightweight! Looking forward to keeping up the great business for the busy 2019 year!

Jay Grahovic


ArdentX is the best agent/broker to work with. The Team at ArdentX is nothing less than stellar. Professional, accurate and respectful!

Anel Ramic


I would like to thank ArdentX for always being there for AM Transport Group Inc. We are a small family owned trucking business and we were lucky to start working with ArdentX. From day one they have been nothing less than great. I was lucky to get in contact with Mr. Connor Miller shortly after we set up to run freight, and he always made sure that we were happy with all the loads we ever booked with them. Over the last few years we have built a very good, trustworthy relationship, and I can honestly say that Mr. Connor and his team at ArdentX are one of the best brokers I have ever worked with. We as a company can always turn to them to provide us with great shipments at a competitive price in this crazy trucking industry. Thank you on behalf of me and AM Transport Group Inc.

Adis Cerimovic


I have worked with ArdentX for quite some time. I love that they are very fast paced and easy to work with. They have provided me with over 200 loads just this year, and I really appreciate the time and effort. I plan to provide the best service for these guys and will help as much as I can since we both know the market changes rapidly. 2018 has been great for us and the ArdentX team is one of the main reasons. We are excited for 2019 and happy to work them. Thank you for all that you do.

David Belov


I have been working with ArdentX for over a year. I enjoy doing business with the team, they always take care of me and my trucks. We always talk before shift even starts, we also talk after hours. When we have a problem, they always answer the phone and is are so calm and professional, we always resolve all kinds of problems so easily. I don’t feel stressed at all working with them, because I know we can resolve any problem together. Also, I need to mention that we are booking loads after hours all the time. What else can I say? I think no one is answering the phone 24/7 like the ArdentX team, booking loads after hours, taking care of me and my trucks. I’ve worked in this business over 5 years and I never dealt with a company like ArdentX.

Collin Sullivan


We have worked with the ArdentX team for the last year.  They have always been quick to respond to any issues that have come up and has always been true to his word. I would highly recommend ArdentX to be your preferred broker.

Aleksander Zahorodni


I’ve been working with the ArdentX team for two years and never had any issues with any of their loads which is rarely the case in this business. Highly professional and reliable broker.

NFL Logistics


Over the last few years, ArdentX has been providing exceptional work. We are more than happy to work with them now and in the future. Every time we need help, they are there to listen and understand us. The staff at ArdentX is very helpful and willing to do whatever is asked of them.

KDS Transportation Inc


Where to start? As a carrier, it’s always heartwarming to find reliable brokers in an industry where people disbelieve in carriers and brokers getting along. Every encounter with ArdentX has been a positive one. They have consistently exhibited great communication and professionalism. Shout out to Sean, Caden, Christian, and especially Noah! You guys are the best!