Adis Cerimovic

I have worked with ArdentX for quite some time. I love that they are very fast paced and easy to work with. They have provided me with over 200 loads just this year, and I really appreciate the time and effort. I plan to provide the best service for these guys and will help as much as I can since we both know the market changes rapidly. 2018 has been great for us and the ArdentX team is one of the main reasons. We are excited for 2019 and happy to work them. Thank you for all that you do.

David Belov

. I have been working with ArdentX for over a year. I enjoy doing business with the team, they always take care of me and my trucks. We always talk before shift even starts, we also talk after hours. When we have a problem, they always answer the phone and is are so calm and professional, we always resolve all kinds of problems so easily. I don’t feel stressed at all working with them, because I know we can resolve any problem together. Also, I need to mention that we are booking loads after hours all the time. What else can I say? I think no one is answering the phone 24/7 like the ArdentX team, booking loads after hours, taking care of me and my trucks. I’ve worked in this business over 5 years and I never dealt with a company like ArdentX.

Collin Sullivan

We have worked with the ArdentX team for the last year.  They have always been quick to respond to any issues that have come up and has always been true to his word. I would highly recommend ArdentX to be your preferred broker.

Aleksander Zahorodni

I’ve been working with the ArdentX team for two years and never had any issues with any of their loads which is rarely the case in this business. Highly professional and reliable broker.

NFL Logistics

Over the last few years, ArdentX has been providing exceptional work. We are more than happy to work with them now and in the future. Every time we need help, they are there to listen and understand us. The staff at ArdentX is very helpful and willing to do whatever is asked of them.