We Appreciate All the Truck Drivers Keeping Us Afloat

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We Appreciate All the Truck Drivers Keeping Us Afloat

During wars, the front lines are typically filled with younger soldiers without much seniority. However, when the war isn’t fought against another country, but a virus, the frontline workers include truck drivers.

Without truck drivers working so hard to keep grocery stores supplied, we’d all be in a much worse panic over toilet paper, eggs, milk, meat, and other items. These brave drivers are the frontline soldiers of the Coronavirus War.

Not a Normal Type of Hero

While truck driving isn’t touted as some flashy, high-paying career, these normal workers are today’s heroes. Without truck drivers, the country’s economy would collapse on a normal day.

During times of panic, truck drivers don’t just deliver food and supplies; they also deliver a little bit of normalcy. The ability to grocery shop with only a few bare shelves later in the day is thanks to truck drivers.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average pay for a truck driver in 2018 was $21. The work they are doing during the Coronavirus Pandemic is simply priceless.

While they may not be highly paid and truck driving may not be glamourous, it’s such an important and essential job. Americans depend on truck drivers every single day, and even more during these difficult times.

Importance Rarely Recognized

Truck drivers have always been important to the economy. However, most go unnoticed by the majority of consumers. We don’t really think about how our goods get to the stores we shop at, but they likely arrived by truck.

With things shutting down all over the country, truck drivers are working hard to deliver medical supplies, food, and other supplies to stores and medical facilities.

Saying “Thank You” goes a long way as these unsung heroes continue to put in the hours taking care of all of us. While many of us are at home with our families, these brave men and women are moving essential goods to the stores we shop at and the hospitals caring for so many sick patients.

Of course, with the current way things are, it’s not safe to shake the hand of a truck driver or actually get close enough to say “Thank You”. Instead, consider shouting out to truck drivers on social media or finding another way to show your appreciation.

Truck Driver Appreciation Week may not happen until September, but with the current pandemic on our hands, this entire year should be known as Truck Driver Appreciation Year.

If you are a truck driver, the ArdentX team extends our deepest gratitude for your hard work. If you’re the family of a truck driver, thank you for sacrificing for us. We appreciate you and we are very thankful for the hard work you’re putting in to ensure the rest of us have easy access to the things we need.

Truck drivers really are the backbone of the American economy. We may not always remember how much we depend on truck drivers, but today, we know how important each driver is to our way of living.

From all of us at ArdentX to all the Truck Drivers out there working hard, THANK YOU!

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