What are the differences between shipping and freight

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What are the differences between shipping and freight

When you need to find a cost-effective way to move packages or a large shipment a long distance, it’s important to understand the terms used by shipping professionals. Shipping and freight may seem similar and straight-forward, but you should still have an idea of what both of these terms mean.

What is Shipping?

The general term “shipping’ refers to the transport of goods commercially or non-commercially. Shipping may be categorized into air shipping, sea shipping, or ground shipping.

Typically, shipping refers to the transportation of a smaller amount of goods from one place to another. However, the term can also be used to describe the transportation of bulk goods.

What is Freight?

Also known as cargo, freight is the goods or products you are transporting. In addition, the term “freight” is used to define commercial transportation of goods by air, land, or another mode of transport.

Most of the time, freight is the term used to describe the bulk transportation of goods. Often, it’s categorized into air freight and freight shipments. In addition, the categories are further divided depending on the items being transported, the amount of time the goods will be in transit, and the size of the shipment.

What’s the Difference Between Shipping and Freight?

The best way to understand the difference between shipping and freight is to look at freight shipping and parcel shipping.

Freight Shipping

When multiple shipments are bundled together for a long haul, and then broken down at a warehousing facility, it’s known as freight shipping. This method of shipping is rather cost-effective and environmentally-efficient.

Freight will be priced and classified based on several factors including the route, transport method, weight, and size. Significant cost-savings are gained by using freight shipping for both the consignee and the shipper of the goods.

Goods moved from one major metropolitan area to another may be moved by rail or by truck. Freight shipping also includes shipments moved across the ocean and may also include warehousing, when necessary.

Parcel Shipping

When it’s necessary to move a smaller amount of goods, parcel shipping is a common choice. This type of shipping is often used by private citizens and small retailers. Rarely will parcel shipping be used for long-haul commercial shipping since it’s rather expensive and inefficient.

The cost of parcel shipping will be calculated based on the weight, size, transportation method, and delivery date guarantee. It’s a very convenient shipping option as you can move a small amount of goods from Point A to Point B without the need for warehousing. However, the convenience of parcel shipping comes at a significant cost compared to freight shipping.

When you don’t know which type of shipping is best, freight shipping or bulk parcel shipping, you need the right logistics professional to help. At ArdentX, we provide a complete staff of professionals ready to help you choose the right shipping option for your specific needs. We understand every situation is different and our dedicated team will ensure your goods are moved safely, efficiently, and cost-effective to help you reach all your shipping goals.


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