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When you choose ArdentX for your business needs, you gain a partner in the logistics industry. We provide incredible value and help to ensure you get exactly what you need when it comes to shipping, freight management, intermodal trucking, and many other services.
Our dedicated team of 40 employees will go to work for you. When you need to move goods from one location to another, we’re here to help with a vast network of truck drivers, transportation options, and solutions for all your logistics needs.

where’s atlanta located?

Known as one of the hubs of transportation in the southeast. Atlanta offers a central location in Georgia. Our ability to operate in Atlanta means we can easily serve the entire southeastern section of the United States.
Atlanta provides the perfect hub for your transportation needs throughout many states including:
  • Alabama
  • Tennessee
  • Kentucky
  • Virginia
  • South Carolina
  • North Carolina
  • Mississippi
  • Florida
  • And More!
Operations in Atlanta provide fast and reliable shipping throughout the entire region. It’s one of the major hubs for any logistics business looking to serve the southeastern region of the country.

atlanta transportation & logistics services

We offer a full suite of transportation and logistics services in Atlanta and across the country. Our team will work hard to ensure your shipments arrive on schedule, to the correct location. Here are just a few of the many services we offer throughout Atlanta.

freight management

We can take over your entire logistics and shipping operation to ensure you gain full freight management services. Our team will work to make your business run smoothly. You won’t have to worry about shipping when you work with us.
Choosing ArdentX for your freight management needs means you’ll gain access to:
  • Route optimization
  • Auditing and accounting
  • Data collection
  • Carrier and vendor management
  • Integrations
Our freight management services give you everything you need to move goods throughout the county quickly and efficiently.


Depending on how you plan to ship goods, you might need warehousing services. At ArdentX, we provide full warehousing to ensure you can quickly ship goods to the end consumer.
Your supply chain is likely not perfect, which is why warehousing is so important. The ability to have goods waiting in a warehouse near the end customer means you can provide efficient shipping options without any interruption.
When you work with ArdentX, you gain access to warehouse management, full warehousing services, and all the necessary services to ensure your goods get to their final destination on schedule.


Sometimes, you need to store goods until it’s time to ship them to the final destination. With our freight storage services, you’ll be able to keep your goods in storage until the right time.
Our team will help you to anticipate the needs of your customers and move goods when it’s the right time. Until that time arrives, let us help you store your goods in the right freight storage facility in Atlanta.
When you need the help of a logistics team, we’re ready to help. At ArdentX, we might be based out of Jacksonville, Florida, but we serve our clients across the entire country including in Atlanta. No matter where you need to move goods, our team is ready to help you today.

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