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At ArdentX, we provide full logistics services as one of the leading transportation companies in the country. Our team of more than 40 dedicated employees goes to work for you with a focus on urgency and speed. We work hard to ensure you can move your goods to the correct destination on schedule.
We offer an incredible work ethic with the ability and need to go the extra mile for you. Our small business values ensure you get that personal touch you desire with excellent support and reliability. When you choose ArdentX for your shipping needs in Dallas, we provide more than just the basics.

where is dallas located?

Dallas is the main hub for transportation to the southern section of the United States. When you need to move goods to the southwest or to anywhere in the south, they will likely move through Dallas.
With our ability to ship goods out of Dallas, we can easily serve many states including:
  • Texas
  • New Mexico
  • Arizona
  • Louisiana
  • Arkansas
  • Missouri
  • Oklahoma
  • California
  • Colorado
  • Kansas
  • And more!
As one of the main transportation hubs, Dallas offers an important connection to many smaller cities and hubs in the southern United States.

dallas transportation & logistics services

When you choose to work with ArdentX in Dallas, you gain access to full transportation and logistics services. We help you move your goods, store your goods, and distribute your goods to the end consumer quickly.

freight management

Our complete freight management services allow you to move goods fast, whether it’s a smaller load or a larger load. Our team works hard to ensure you get the service you need with real-time tracking and the ability to distribute your goods quickly.
When you need a partner for shipping, ArdentX is the right choice. We will take over your logistics and let you get back to growing your business. Our team will ensure your goods move efficiently to any destination including Dallas.


When you know you will need to ship goods soon, but it’s not time yet, we offer warehousing services to hold your goods in Dallas. With the right warehousing services, you can fill in the gaps in your supply chain. Our team will help you take full advantage to make your supply chain more efficient.
Anticipating the needs of your clients makes you a better choice. Holding goods in a warehouse in Dallas and shipping them when your clients place an order is a great way to serve them better. You’ll be able to provide faster shipping options and keep the flow of goods moving without interruption.

freight distribution

Getting your product to the end customer is vital to your success. With our freight distribution service, we help ensure your goods show up quickly and on schedule.
At ArdentX, we offer all the necessary services to ensure your supply chain keeps your product in the retail storefront without interruption. Our team will help you move goods from the warehouse to the end customer or directly from the manufacturer to the end customer.
We also offer cross-docking and freight consolidation to enhance your freight distribution. When you choose to work with ArdentX, you gain all the benefits of a professional logistics service, whether you’re expanding your business or just looking to lower your risk.
Our team is ready to help you with all your logistics and freight transportation needs in Dallas. At ArdentX, we might be based out of Jacksonville, Florida, but we serve the entire country. No matter where you need to deliver your goods, our team is ready to help you get the right shipping and logistics services today.

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